DEKARON Close Beta Testing

Get ready for the CBT! Can’t wait to play right? We will open a Close Beta period so you can try playing before the official release.


18–23 August 2022


1. Hunting Party

• 50% Exp Scroll x5

• 50 Stamina Exchange Box x3

2. Trieste Top Players

• Growth Destiny Wings (3 Days)

• Blacksmith Blessing 18% x1

3. CBT Lucky Moment

• Normal Pet Egg(Bind) x1

• Blessing Life Bead x5

4. CBT Playtime Rewards

• Rank Up Coin(Bind) x1

• Spicy Seasoned Steamed Bass (Bind)

5. Attendance Rewards

• Flying Nimbus *** (5 Days)

• New Type Clear School Uniform Costume Exchange Box

6. CBT Acris Memories

• Almighty Holy Water (30 Days)

• Adventurer’s Bag

and various other attractive prizes

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