KUY Token

CBT Dekaron Online Indonesia is Live!

Come on, together we start a new adventure in Trieste to conquer Karon and feel the excitement of adventuring with friends in the Hardcore MMORPG world! ️

📅18–23 August 2022

For those of you who will play when the CBT stage begins, have the opportunity to get KUY Tokens!
Dekaron Online Indonesia will give you various in-game prizes, of course, for free!



A new milestone has been reached!
Dekaron Online Indonesia Pre-Registration Participants have reached 100,000 participants!! ️

Thank you for your enthusiasm for supporting Dekaron Online Indonesia!
In-game item prizes include:
Mount Flying Nimbus *** (7 Days) x1
will be distributed during OBT.

Come on, invite your friends to join together in an adventure in the world of Dekaron and get other interesting prizes! Prereg until 18th August 2022

For Prereg visit : https://dekaron.lytogame.com

for more info visit : https://kuytoken.com

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